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The 5 Most Common Phishing Email Subjects - January 14, 2013

Websense has posted some interesting new phishing research a few days ago. They started out: "With cloud infrastructure easily scalable and rented botnets coming on the cheap, the cost of conducting massive phishing campaigns continues to decline for cybercriminals. Even if the return rate is small or the campaign is poorly executed, phishing can result in serious money for criminals. Phishing will never simply go away—meaning ongoing headaches for security professionals."

They listed the top 5 the most dangerous phishing subject lines, based on research conducted Jan-Sept 2013:
1) Invitation to connect on LinkedIn
2) Mail delivery failed: returning message to sender
3) Dear (insert bank name here) Customer
4) Important Communication
5) Undelivered Mail Returned to Sender

These results were confirmed by other research which showed that the LinkedIn invites had the highest scores on simulated phishing attacks. We suggest you do not open emails with these subject lines.