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Estate Planning

Our highly skilled, professional trust team can help you establish an effective estate plan that will accomplish your personal goals. Some may wonder why they need an estate plan. Consider the following:

Why Prepare an Estate Plan?

  • Avoid or lower death taxes.
  • Prepare a Will or Trust
    • Direct distribution of assets upon death.
    • Nominate personal representative (executor) or trustee to administer your will or trust.
    • Direct how death taxes will be paid and how last debts and expenses will be paid.
    • Nominate guardian and conservator for minor children or those with disabilities.
    • Without an estate plan, your state will dictate the administration and distribution of your estate.

Non Deposit Investments Available Through Pioneer Bank & Trust Are Not FDIC Insured, Are Not Deposits, Obligations or Guaranteed by Pioneer Bank & Trust, Are Subject to Investment Risk Including Possible Loss of Principal