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Cash Management Services

As a small business owner, we offer a full range of tools to maintain better control over cash flow and to streamline day-to-day cash management needs. Be able to quickly and conveniently run payroll, pay suppliers or contribute to your employee’s HSA accounts. We offer options to prevent check fraud through positive pay or maximize earnings and use sweeps!  No matter your needs, cash management services can help you achieve your business’s goals.

ACH Originations

Transfer money electronically to or from almost any other US bank account.

Examples of uses are: direct deposit payroll, funding health savings accounts, collect money for dues or subscriptions, move cash from other banks concentrating funds, make federal & state tax payments, or pay suppliers.

Controlled Disbursement

Allows a business to identify their daily cash position by seeing which transactions are clearing their account that day allowing them to borrow or invest early in the day.

Account Reconciliation

Streamline the reconciliation process by providing a report of checks that have not cleared and cross referencing with a list of issued checks uploaded by the customer and compared with actual account activity.

Positive Pay

This feature is used in conjunction with account reconciliation and adds the safety of not posting unauthorized checks. Customers upload a list of issued checks and only allow those to post to your account. Any checks not included in the file will show on a report and you determine if they should be paid or not. This helps to prevent check fraud on your business account and is a great service in today’s world with fraudsters getting more sophisticated.

Automatic Sweep

This feature automatically transfers money between your accounts and/or loans to maximize income or minimize expense. Sweeps do not require online cash management software.

Electronic Statement

You have the option to receive tradition paper statements or electronic statements.  Our eStatement notifies you with an email indicating your statement is available for viewing.  You no longer have to wait for the mail or move more paper around, its fast, easy and most important convenient for you!  Save them electronically on your computer or hard-drive for quick reference.

Remote Deposit

Deposit the checks you receive from customers without ever having to leave your business!  This service allows you faster collection time on your deposits, less time away from your business, less risk of sending an employee and no mileage paid.  The convenience of having a check scanner at your business allows you more control over your business needs and provides the ability to send those items timely, electronically and most important, securely!

Ask about cash management services from a Personal Banker today!