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Meet Our Team

Helping your family is our first and highest priority. Our team focuses on your needs and has the expertise and experience to help you reach your goals.

Personalized service and an understanding of the local area are our keystones. Your team at Pioneer Bank & Trust has over 140 years of combined experience and from a variety of backgrounds including law, insurance, banking, and accounting. The bank’s loan officers offer additional depth for ranching and business expertise.

Your account will be administered 100% in our local offices. If we need a certain skill that isn’t available in-house, we will find the best advisors available to assist us. But you will never have your real estate administered by someone in another state. You and your family will benefit from the focus and understanding that a local team provides.

Belle Fourche Team: From left: Amy, Alexis, Brianne, LaRae, Betty, Melynda, Melissa, Michelle, Cherie.
Rapid City Team: From left: Trista & Kalynn
Spearfish Team: From left: Renae S. & Renae T.