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Phone Banking

Toll Free 1-800 921-BANK (2265)
In order to use Voice recognition, you will need to press 8*
If you prefer to use touch tone, please select the number next to the menu item below. If you would like to use voice
recognition press 8* anytime during the call and then say any of the options.

Main Menu

Press or Say

(1) Account Balance
(2) Account History
(3) Transfer Funds or Make a Payment
(4) Debit Card Services
(5) Stop Payment Inquiry
(6) Change Your Pin
(7) Get Account Information by Email
(8) Credit Card Account

Funds Transfer and Payments Menu

Press or Say

(1) Transfer Funds Immediately
(2) Schedule a Funds Transfer
(3) Make An Immediate Payment
(4) Hear Existing Scheduled Transfers

Debit Card Services Menu

Press or Say

(1) Activate a Card
(2) Deactivate or Report a card Lost or Stolen

Global Commands

Press or Say

Speech (8*)
Help Menu (1*)
Main Menu (3*)
Go Back (*)
Skip (5*)
Repeat (#)
Hang Up (7*)
Operator (0)