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Fraud Prevention

Current Fraud Attempts

Pioneer Bank & Trust wants you to be aware of the various types of fraudulent communications you could be seeing. We will periodically update the Current Fraud Attempts information as fraudsters change the methods they are using to try to obtain your information. We hope you will read this document and refer to it whenever you receive a request for your personal information that is out of the ordinary.

Credit Card Fraud Prevention

Pioneer Bank & Trust recently enhanced the security on your credit card through its partnership with Elan Financial Services. Transactions on your credit card are now monitored for unusual activity. Unusual activity may include transactions to companies known to initiate fraudulent transactions as well as an abnormal number of transactions on your card.  These are just a couple of options used to protect your account; as always, if you suspect fraud you should contact Card Member Services using the phone number on back of your card.

Debit Card Alert

At Pioneer Bank & Trust, the security of your accounts and personal information is our top priority. The Federal Trade Commission has warned consumers about fraudulent emails, pop-up advertisements, and phony websites that attempt to trick people into providing confidential personal information.

One of the ways criminals are obtaining information about cards is to setup what seems to be a legitimate website for you to shop on. After you place an order using a credit or debit card, they email you telling you that in order to process your order they need additional information. The information they request can include but is not limited to your Personal Identification Number.

No reputable merchant should ask you to email them information about your card since email is not secure and any information you send them in this manner is available to a variety of hackers who may be monitoring email traffic. No legitimate merchant will ever need to ask you for your personal identification number.

If you receive a request for this information, do NOT provide the merchant with any additional information. Report the attempt to obtain your PIN to us at once by calling the location where you maintain your accounts at or (605) 717-2265. We will need the website address you placed the order on.

Pioneer Bank & Trust employees will never ask you for your Personal Identification Number or ask you to email us with personal information.


Need to report a lost, stolen or fraud on your debit or credit card?

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