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The ITM is Here!

We are excited to announce that Pioneer Bank & Trust in Spearfish, has replaced the ATM with an Interactive Teller Machine (ITM). The ITM will offer additional conveniences for our customers!

Learn more about ITMs and their increased functionality in the FAQ below!


ITM stands for Interactive Teller Machine, and can be best described as a very powerful ATM with video teller support. ITMs use a combination of Online Banking, ATM, and Remote Check Deposit technologies to perform transactions typically available in a traditional bank drive-thru. ITMs have video capabilities that allow customers to speak to a teller virtually when necessary during normal business hours.
Replacing some traditional tube drive-thrus with ITMs allows Pioneer Bank & Trust to more efficiently serve customers and many customers will like the option of handling their own transactions. If they need support, the video teller is there to help!
ITMs require a Debit Card to enable full functionality, so customers without a Debit Card can only use the ITM during office hours when they can get assistance from a virtual teller.
- Balance inquiries
- Cash deposits
- Check deposits
- Cash withdrawals in varying denominations
- Transfer funds between depository accounts
- Make loan payments by cash, check, or transfer
- View and/or print most recent transactions
- Email your transaction receipts and go paperless!
As with any product, service, or delivery channel; there are certain items that simply cannot be done through an ITM. Some transaction types that will require you to stop in our lobby or contact us during normal business hours are:
- Issue Bank Money Orders
- Dispense Coin
- Request copies for statements or tax documents
- Withdrawals or transfers from loan lines of credit.
Certain deposits and withdrawals of cash may also require you to perform them through our lobby.
Simply touch the “help” button on the screen to be connected to one of our virtual tellers via video during normal business hours.
Absolutely! Branch staff will ALWAYS be available at all Full Service Branches during normal lobby hours. Additionally, our drive-thru’s will maintain a combination of commercial lane service, tube availability and an ITM to ensure our staff are there to meet your banking needs!
The new ITM is located in our drive-thru location at our Spearfish Branch. Our other locations will remain as is with traditional ATMs.
Yes. You should make sure you have your Debit Card and know your PIN.
You must have a checking account with Pioneer Bank & Trust to have a Debit Card. If you have a checking account, but do not have a Debit Card, please stop into one of our Full Service Branches or contact us at (605) 717-2265, and we will order one for you. We can print your new Debit Card at any one of our branches in just minutes!
You can request a new PIN by calling (605) 717-2265 from the primary number listed on your account.
ITMs will be available 24/7/365 just like a regular ATM. Virtual tellers will be available to assist with transactions and answer questions M-F 8:00-5:30 & Sat 9:00-Noon.