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Mobile Deposits

Instructions to Enroll in Mobile Deposit

1. First, log in to the Pioneer Bank & Trust Mobile App.

2. Select MOBILE DEPOSIT from the menu.

3. On the QUALIFICATIONS screen; click DONE.

4. On the INPUT screen enter the required information; click SUBMIT.

5. On the REMOTE DEPOSIT screen to accept the Mobile Deposit Agreement; click I ACCEPT

6. The request for approval has been submitted; a notification will be sent once the request is approved.

Phone taking picture of check

Instructions for Using Mobile Deposit

1. First, log in to your Pioneer Bank & Trust Mobile App.

2. Select MOBILE DEPOSIT from the menu.


4. Enter AMOUNT and MEMO

5. Click on the CAMERA icon to take pictures of the FRONT and BACK of the check. Remember to follow endorsement instructions.

6. Click SUBMIT.

If you have additional questions, please reach out to a Personal Banker today!